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Dr. Jennifer Goldin

Dr. Goldin’s research, teaching and clinical interests have focused on identifying a woman’s strengths and helping her to cope more effectively.

Specializing in reproductive psychology, Dr. Goldin works with individuals and couples through every stage of the reproductive process: infertility, perinatal anxiety and depression, pregnancy loss and postpartum mood disorders. She provides psycho-educational consultations for couples who are planning to use an egg or sperm donor or gestational carrier, as well as evaluations of potential egg donors or gestational carriers.

She is a RESOLVE group leader, offering support to those who are struggling with infertility. Dr. Goldin is an advocate for families who have medically fragile or special needs children, helping them to identify and access resources in our community, and to cope with the many challenges they confront on a daily basis.


Our Services

I will teach you coping strategies that are effective for managing chronic stress, help you to improve your communication skills and maintain open lines of communication, and create a timeline that incorporates your goals and values as you move through your fertility journey.

Ideally, pregnancy can be a very exciting time in your life, as you experience many changes in your body and imagine yourself becoming a mother. Unfortunately, this ideal may not match your experience. For you, pregnancy or the birth of your baby may actually be a time filled with tremendous fear, sadness, and distress. 

Pregnancy Loss 

Therapy can provide a safe environment to grieve this significant loss in your life. I will help you to understand and cope with your feelings, communicate with your partner, friends and family about your needs, and create a way to meaningfully memorialize your loss.

"Time with Dr. Goldin is time well spent, as her approach is both highly effective and compassionate. She teaches me to employ strategies to navigate difficulties that work for my personality and circumstances, which results in my feeling empowered.  Her clear and sensitive guidance has allowed me to deal with issues from a perspective that for me, would otherwise not have been possible.  The work we have done together has literally changed my life." 


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